Vornado Digital Vortex Space Heater Review

Vornado Vortex HeaterCool mornings or cold bathrooms after a hot shower are no match for the Vornado EH1-0028-06 DVH Digital Vortex space heater.  This space heater is a perfect complement to any central heating system.  The space heater’s fan rotates back and forth delivering heat evenly throughout the room (no hot or cold blasts) in little to no time.  Working best in small rooms this space heater is efficient and quiet.

Built to heat while being safe this space heater has a convex grill that allows for maximum air to flow.  The grill stays cool as the heat leaves the space heater from the non-glowing heating elements to protect tiny fingers and hands from being burned.  Should the space heater be tipped over or if it overheats, the space heater will automatically shut down.

If you are in need of a fan to move air throughout the home in warmer weather this space heater is up for the challenge.  Of course this space heater is equipped with 3 different power settings to include a 600 watt setting, a medium setting of 900 watts and a high setting of 1500 watts for heating rooms as needed.  Users are able to enter their ideal temperature into the heater.  The space heater then automatically adjusts until the desired temperature is obtained and then continues to monitor and access the situation to maintain the temperature desired.  With a limited 1 year warranty and a manufactures owners manual the Vornado Vortex space heater is perfect.

Vornado EH1-0028-06 DVH Digital Vortex Features

•    Digital heater fan
•    Automatic climate control
•    Convex Grill
•    Quiet Operation with 3 setting low, medium, high
•    Limited 1 year warranty

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