Broan #154 Ceiling Mount Heater Review

The Broan #154 1250W ceiling mount heater will be a welcomed addition to any bathroom where extra heat on cool days is always appreciated.  This unit is a small, compact heater that can be quickly mounted to any 3.5-inch or 4-inch 120V ceiling electrical box.  Installation takes just a few standard tools and a couple of spare minutes and you’ll have enough auxiliary heat to raise the temperature in small to medium bathrooms to a comfortable level.  This Broan #154 1250W ceiling mount heater review will give you the information you need to decide if this is the right heater for your home.

A unique feature of the Broan 154 heater is the wiring option which makes it one of the best space heater choices for those in warm climates or where reducing energy use is essential.  It can be wired for the full 1250 watt power, or wired to use only have that amount of power.  Either way, the wire element starts heating immediately so you start feeling the warmth without delay. At full strength, this 1250W ceiling mount heater from Broan produces an impressive 4266 Btu’s per hour.   You’ve also got the peace of mind of knowing that the unit and your home is protected by the thermal overload switch that shuts it down in the event it gets too hot.
The design of this space heater is compact.  The low-profile housing is just 2.75 inches in height and has a diameter of 11 inches.  The fan is strong enough to circulate warm air effectively in spaces up to approximately 180 square feet.  It is durably built from chrome alloy and features a rugged and quiet blower wheel designed by Nautilus.  The fan motor is permanently lubricated so there’s no maintenance required – ever! The protective grill installs without tools and can be easily removed for periodic cleaning.

This model does very well in consumer-written space heater review posts.  It is highly rated for ease of installation – like installing an overhead light fixture – and the surprising amount of heat it puts out.  Homeowners also mention its affordable price and quiet operation.  The Broan #154 heater is a useful space heater for bathrooms, utility or laundry rooms, cottages or cabins.  It is also popular where radiant or forced-air heat doesn’t adequately reach areas furthest from the home’s primary heat source.

Installing this heater can be a DIY project for those comfortable working with wiring.  Be sure the circuit breaker is turned off and lock out the circuit or lock the box if possible.  Follow the thorough instruction guide carefully and you should be able to install it in 20 minutes or less.

Broan #154 1250W Ceiling Mount Heater Features

  • Hard-wired 1250 watt, 120V overhead heater.
  • 4266 Btu/h capacity.
  • Connects to lighting boxes used for lights, exhausts fans, etc.
  • Wire elements heats quickly.
  • 11” fan circulates warm air evenly and quietly.
  • Built-in thermal overload protection.

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