Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater Review

If you are in the market for a plug-in space heater that can heat up a room quickly and keep it warm, the Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort heater is one to consider.  Honeywell has one of the best reputations in the home comfort industry and the HZ-617 lives up to it.  This Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort heater review will give you the specs on this product so that you can compare it to others you’re considering.

You’ve got heating options with the dynamic Comfort Heater.  For rapidly raising the temperature, use the fan mode.  For silent, consistent warming, turn the fan off and let the convection heating element radiate warmth throughout the room.  Once you’re comfortable, use the adjustable thermostat to maintain the temperature you desire.

This is a compact space heater that won’t make a small room feel crowded.  Its trim design and low profile allow you to place it where it won’t get in the way.  And at just 12 pounds, it is easy to move from room to room, reducing your energy costs by only heating the living space you are using.

Many homeowners are concerned about the safety of space heaters. The best space heater models put safety first, and the Honeywell Low Profile Silent Comfort covers all the safety bases.  First, its legs offer a sturdy, wide base and most of the weight is near the base of the unit, producing a low center of gravity.  Secondly, if it does tip over, it will immediately shut off.  The outer housing gets warm but not hot enough to cause fire or damage to carpet or flooring.  The SafeGuard Alert badge indicates when the grille is too hot to touch.  A high-limit switch protects it from overheating by shutting it down when maximum temperature is reached.  The heavy-gauge power cord, three-prong grounded plug and flame-resistant  VO-rated plastic make this one of the safest space heaters currently available.

Expect the Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort heater to produce enough warm air to keep a small or medium-size room comfortable.  It is sufficient to heat a bedroom or study by itself or provide auxiliary heat to larger areas within your home.  Those consumers who give it the highest space heater review ratings are those who don’t expect this unit to heat more square footage than it’s designed for.  In addition, they appreciate its portability, quick heating capacity and its quiet operation whether the fan is on or off.  The fact that it is backed by a 5-year warranty, longer than the industry standard, is also a plus with those who purchase it.

Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort Features

  • Optional convection heat only or fan-assisted heating.
  • Adjustable thermostat for consistent comfort as outdoor temperatures change.
  • Compact design offers a footprint of approximately 4x30 inches.
  • Multiple safety features include a low center of gravity, high-limit heat switch, tip-over switch, and heat-resistant material.
  • Lightweight portability at just 12 lbs.
  • Backed by the Honeywell 5-year limited warranty.

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