Lasko 5367 Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater REview

Lasko makes one of the widest ranges of space heaters and the Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater, 5367, is one of their largest and most versatile.  It delivers 1500 watts of gentle, efficient heating on high, with 900 and 1200 watt settings also offered.  This gives you the opportunity to tailor the amount of heat you need for the space without wasting energy.  It is designed for use in small and medium-sized areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, a small living room or dining area, a study or a workshop.  It can also provide supplemental heat to larger spaces.

The tower design makes this an attractive space heater in 2 ways.  First, it takes up very little room so if you’ve got a crowded space that needs additional heat, this is one of the best space heater models to consider.  Secondly, the design allows for oscillating performance that does a better job circulating heat throughout the space.

Self-regulated heating with the Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater model 5367 is delivered by the 3 heat settings as well as the adjustable thermostat.  The fan is very quiet, even on high, yet powerful enough to provide penetrating heat a good distance away.  The sturdy stand helps prevent the unit from tipping over and it is suitable for use on the floor or on a table-top. The automatic high-limit switch prevents the Lasko 5367 Tower heater from overheating.

If you want better air flow in a room without heating, use the fan-only mode, a feature many comparable models do not have.  The unit comes fully assembled and the push-button operation makes it easy to use.  At less than 6 lbs, it is easy to transfer from place to place so you can be warm and comfortable wherever you are.  With the Lasko 5367 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater you can turn down the thermostat on your central heating source and heat only the space you are using, reducing energy consumption and lowering your utility bills in some cases.

Our space heater review concludes with some of the comments left by users.  They give it high marks for quickly heating small rooms and having the power to provide reliable supplemental heat for larger rooms.  The oscillating operation of the fan is also appreciated by consumers who say it does a good job distributing heat and yet runs very quietly.

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater, 5367 Features

  • 3 settings: 900, 1200 and 1500 watts.
  • Thermostat offers precise heating.
  • Separate oscillating fan switch.
  • Fan-only mode for air circulation without heating.
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

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