EdenPURE A4428 Space Heater Review

The EdenPURE A4428 Gen4 is the next generation model from one of the best space heater manufacturers in the industry.  This new model gets good scores in space heater review posts from actual users. It has plenty of power – almost 1,500 watts – and is designed to provide supplemental heat for up to 1,000 square feet.  It can provide all the heat needed for smaller spaces in cool weather, but in very cold weather it works best in conjunction with a central heating system.  That’s true for all space heaters.

This EdenPURE A4428 Gen4 portable space heater review looks at the features and offers suggestions for using this space heater most effectively. Take a look at other space heater review posts to directly compare this model with other space heaters worth considering.

Generating the heat inside the EdenPURE A44328 Gen4 are 3 high-tech Infrared heating bulbs designed by Sylvania. They work together with the EdenPURE copper heating chambers to produce electric heat more efficiently than most space heaters. That heat is distributed with the use of a powerful blower motor that can circulate air in a large open room, with balanced floor to ceiling temperatures.

The life expectancy for the bulbs, according to EdenPURE, is 20,000 hours which should supply 10-15 years of supplemental heating.  This unit comes with one of the best space heater warranties available – a 5-year limited warranty that covers labor.  Most space are backed by a one or three year limited warranty. That fact is listed in many space heater review posts as the reason consumers have confidence in spending more money for this EdenPURE space heater. They know the company stands behind it.

The EdenPURE A4428 Gen4 space heater is controlled by easy to use push buttons mounted on the front of the unit, along with a digital readout. It is also equipped with a remote control for added convenience.  The thermostat prevents overheating when the unit is used in a smaller location. This model has one of the best space heater cabinets available, made from solid wood that is attractive and always remains cool to the touch.

There are several important safety features included in the design of the EdenPURE A4428 portable heater.  First, the heating elements are fully contained, not exposed, so nothing flammable can reach them.  The shell is constructed from black polycarbonate and galvanized steel, both heat and fire-resistant materials. The heat sensor will shut down the unit if it ever gets too hot, though with thermostatic control, that rarely happens.

Consumer-generated space heater review articles point out how portable the EdenPURE A4428 Gen4 is. With sturdy, smooth-rolling castors it can be pushed easily to any room where it is needed.
The EdenPURE A4428 Gen4 portable space heater is best used as a means of supplemental heat. Homeowners turn down their central heating system to maintain basic heat and then employ this heater in the room they’re using, bringing the temperature up to a comfortable level.  Using it during the day in a family room or kitchen and at night in a bedroom is the best way to enjoy energy-cost savings with any space heater.

This EdenPURE A4428 Gen4 space heater review concludes with an overview of its features:

  • Dimensions: 18Lx13Wx16H; 27 pounds.
  • 1483 Watt output, or 5,000 Btu’s, with thermostat control.
  • 110 volts, 12.5 amps.
  • Digital push-button controls and remote control.
  • Solid wood, furniture-grade cabinet and castor wheels.
  • 5-year limited warranty is one of the best space heater warranties available.

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