Lasko 5395 Tower Space Heater Review

The Lasko 5395 30 Inch space heater is an affordable alternative to expensive, wood-cabinet models.  It produces just as much heat, 1500 watts, and is backed by a very good 3-year limited warranty. This is one of the best space heater models in its price range, with high scores in consumer-generated space heater review articles.  It is one of the top sellers on the market.

This Lasko 5395 30 inch digital ceramic tower space heater review will help you compare this model with others you are considering.  The unit heats with an electric-resistance ceramic element. On low, the unit uses 900 watts to create 3070 Btu’s.  The setting works well when the Lasko 5395 ceramic space heater is being used in a small bathroom or bedroom.  When supplying heat to a larger area, the high mode uses 1500 watts to generate 5,118 Btu’s.  In chilly weather, this Lasko space heater may be all you need.  In cold weather, space heaters like this one are designed to provide supplemental heat.  They save you money when the central heat system is turned down and the space heater is employed to bring only the space being used up to a comfortable temperature.

Features that make this a space heater worth considering include the pedestal which raises the heater off the ground.  It is a good choice for use next to an armchair for reading or in the kitchen when preparing food. The pedestal gets the heat to where you want it the most. Keep in mind, however, that the pedestal design might not be best when children or pets might knock it over.  Lasko makes essentially the same heater without the pedestal. If this one does tip, the unit will automatically shut down.

User space heater review articles also mention the oscillating fan mode which starts with the push of a button.  The back and forth motion of the Lasko 5395 ceramic space heater does a better job of distributing heat to all parts of the room.

With one of the best space heater designs on the market, this model offers customized comfort.  The low, high and oscillating settings tailor its use to your specific needs. The Lasko 5395 30 inch digital space heater is also equipped with an automatic thermostat to regulate operation.  It can be controlled by buttons on the unit or with a multifunction remote control. With a compact, 12x12 base, it takes up very little floor space.  The 8-hour timer adds convenience to its usefulness.

We complete this space heater review with a summary of the Lasko 5395 30 inch tower space heater features:

  • Dimensions: 12x12x30; 9 pounds.
  • Low setting: 800W; high setting: 1500W; oscillating fan mode.
  • Digital controls and multifunction remote control.
  • Durable ceramic heating element.
  • 3-year limited warranty is one of the best space heater warranties for models under $100.

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