Lasko 755320 Tower Space Heater Review

The Lasko 755320 ceramic tower heater is one of the top sellers on the market, and for good reason.  This is one of the best space heater models for combining high heat and low cost.  This affordable space heater produces 1500 watts of heat on high, the equivalent of 5,100 Btu’s. It also offers a low setting of 900 watts, or about 3,000 Btu’s.  This very portable space heater is a good choice as a single source of heat in chilly weather or as supplemental heat when temperatures get colder. This Lasko 755320 ceramic tower heater review gives you the details you need to evaluate this space heater. Compare it with other space heater review posts to decide which one will do the best job of helping you reduce energy costs in your home while keeping it comfortable.

You’ve got heating options with the Lasko 755320 tower heater, with low and high settings. The controls are mounted right on the top which make them easy to reach when the heater is located on the floor. For easy operation from anywhere in the room, use the multifunction remote control to adjust the programmable thermostat, switch the unit from low to high or back, or turn it on and off.  The digital display is easy to read. You can even use the remote control to set the timer on the Lasko 755320 ceramic tower space heater.  The timer runs for a maximum of 8 hours in 1-hour increments.

The fan on the unit runs whenever it is heating – however, it does not have a fan-only mode, a feature some who have purchased this unit mention as a drawback in their space heater review posts. There is also an oscillating function which helps to distribute heated air when used in larger rooms. Most who own this model state that the fan is very quiet so it works well in a bedroom or nursery.

This unit is very portable.  It weighs just over 8 pounds and can be carried with the convenient handle near the top.  The base measures just 8.5x7.25 inches, making it one of the best space heater options where a small footprint is essential. It works well in crowded rooms or in RVs where space is limited.  At just 23 inches tall, it will fit under most desks for use in an office. This Lasko 755320 space heater review wraps up with a summary of its features:

  • Dimensions: 8.5x7.25x23 inches; 8.3 pounds.
  • 900 watt/3060 Btu low setting; 1500 watt/ 5100 Btu high setting.
  • Self-regulating ceramic heat element.
  • Standard fan and oscillating fan modes.
  • Digital controls and multifunction remote control.
  • 3-year limited warranty among the best space heater warranties available in this class.

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