Vornado TVH500 Electric Space Heater Review

The Vornado TVH500 electric space heater with digital timer is a compact, powerful space heater capable of supplying 1500 watts of heat when running on high.  It is designed to heat about 250 square feet of space but can provide supplemental heat to a larger area.  A low setting, 800 watts, is ideal for smaller areas such as an office, small bedroom or a bathroom.

This unit does very well in space heater review posts written by those who have used the Vornado TVH500 space heater.  It is rated as one of the best space heater models for quickly heating space, using the powerful Vornado fan that circulates air throughout the room. The fan has both low-speed and high-speed modes to produce the level of comfort you need. It even has a fan-only mode for improving ventilation and air circulation when not heating, making it one of the best space heater models for year-round use.

At just 13 pounds, the Vornado TVH500 space heater is easy to move from room to room.  When you use it to provide heat only in the room you are occupying, you can reduce energy use and utility bills significantly.  Some users turn down the central heating in the entire home and use the Vornado TVH500 to keep their bedroom comfortable at night or their living room cozy in the evening.

For safe design, this is one of the best space heater models available.  It has a high-temp shutoff switch to prevent overheating along with tip-over protection.  The unit has a non-glowing heat element and the fire-resistant steel construction is warm but never feels hot to the touch.  Due to the minimal risk of burns, the Vornado TVH500 gets high marks in space heater review posts from those with pets and small children.

If you are concerned about leaving a heater on when you leave the house, this model is one to consider.  It is equipped with a digital timer with a 9-hour capacity, so you can set it and know it will shut off on its own, reducing worries and wasted energy. The timer and all the controls can be operated with the remote control, another feature given high marks in space heater review articles about the Vornado TVH500 electric space heater. For manual operation, the push-button controls are located on the top of the unit for easier access when it is located on the floor. The bright LCD screen offers a display that is easy to read.

Use this Vornado TVH500 electric space heater with digital timer review to compare this model with others you are evaluating for use in your home.   Here is a concluding summary of the features you can compare with other models covered in space heater review articles:

  • Dimensions: 11.4x11.5x9.8 inches; 13 pounds.
  • Manual push-button controls, remote control and 9-hour timer.
  • 1500 watt total capacity with low 800W setting and high 1500W setting.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Multiple safety features built in, including tip-over protection and overheating shutoff switch.
  • 2-year limited warranty.

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