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Can a space heater be placed next to a wall?

It can be difficult to figure out how close to a wall or other furniture you should put your space heater. Placing your space heater in the middle of the room doesn’t make sense because 1) it will look bad,... 

Can You Get a Rash from Using a Space Heater?

Could a space heater near your feet be causing a rash? Lots of people who keep a space heater under their desk find that their legs get itchy and develop red bumps.  They can be in one place, or all over the... 

Home Heating Safety Video

Here is a great video on Home Heating Safety (and Space Heater Safety) from the NFPA.  Read More →

Space Heater Safety Report

Here is a great news report showing some dangers of space heaters and tips to stay safe.  Read More →

The Amazing Portable Furnace – Electric Space Heater

Can you really heat your home for as little as a dollar a day?  This claims you can save thousands during the heating season.  Read More →

Should we rotate kerosene heating oil from year-to-year?

Allie P asked: We have a space heater that we haven't used in three years and we are getting ready for winter. We are just wondering if we need to throw out the old oil and replace it before prices on heating...